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MW Gangster's Game, aka Frank, completes his first 5*!

Those of us in the MW Gangster's Game syndicate did not dare to speak of the Kentucky 5* this spring until Frank actually arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park. It's pretty surreal. We all joined the syndicate when Frank was 6 or 7,  just starting prelim. There were no guarantees he would become a 5* horse and amazingly here we are. It's the week after Kentucky and I can barely believe it actually happened - and to think there will likely be more 5-star events in Frank's future! Frank didn't have a particularly great run up to Kentucky. He did win his last 4* short at Fair Hill two weeks before Kentucky but he hadn't completed a 4* long since Bromont in June 2019.  Last fall and the year of COVID were challenging...Frank had some really good runs but fell at the last fence at the Plantation 4* and he retired on xc at Tryon's 4* long.  I've never experienced a 5* behind the scenes and it was amazing. The whole experience was why I joined a syndicate and it d

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